Everybody has a unique story
worth telling.

Your own family’s or company’s history, rich in tradition.
The story of your own eventful life or professional career.
Life is full of dramatic events and exciting adventures.


We will tell your unique story in emotive images and capture it in an evocative film.


Our work begins with conducting research. Our film experts will listen, hold conversations with your companions and collect documents.


The next step consists of planning. With an interesting mix of interviews, historical image documents and, if desired, even key scenes recreated with the aid of professional actors. The script is developed.


The last step is the production itself. Our team will produce the film according to the screenplay.From start to finish, everything is coordinated from one source. Your own customized film is in the making.


Visions of the past

A film about the challenges facing Deutsche Post AG in the most recent past.

My camera, my life

A film about the moving life story of the renowned cameraman Sir Mohinder Dhillon.

Biography Café Wild

A film about the history of the Wild family’s outstanding business. Artful patisserie from the region Bergisches Land for 6 generations and more than 180 years.

About Us

We are a team of experts with many years of experience in the fields of national and international film and television productions. From film assignments for National Geographic in Vietnam, safaris in Africa and a visit to the Federal Chancellery in Berlin to filming for DHL in Los Angeles. We offer expertise in the area of television reports and documentaries as well as feature films and commercials for top international brands.
Our passion as filmmakers has always been to tell people’s stories in moving images. For film producer Armin Dhillon it was therefore a natural decision to develop his own biopic format for the filming of biographies. The decisive trigger and inspiration for this was the literary biography of his famous uncle and professional mentor, the renowned cameraman Sir Mohinder Dhillon.
In the production of the biopic film format, important events and turning points in the biography take central stage, re-enacted by professional actors. This creates strong emotions that build the audience a bridge into the past so that they feel they are experiencing the dramatic events of times gone by at first hand.
With the film biography of the Café Wild family, this biopic format was an immediate overwhelming success. The small premiere party of the film initially planned for the family’s friends and relations in Wermelskirchen turned into a supra-regional blockbuster for people interested in history. Four completely sold out cinema screenings followed, and more are already on the horizon.


Bergische Morgenpost
February 2018

Remscheid RGA
March 2018

02 2018

Cafe Wild WDR
June 2017


Do you have a story to tell? Then let’s talk! Just send us an e-mail or simply give us a call. We look forward to your message.



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